Streaming Help

There are two very reliable and free players available which cover channels which broadcast almost every Arsenal game played – from Champions League to the Carling Cup – in English commentary. Commentary in other languages may also be available, but this depends from one game to another. The two players are:



There are many other players like PPLive, PPStream, PPMate etc. which are installed in a similar fashion to those above. These can be found via Google. Streams will be provided for the above 2 players and others depending on availability.

TvAnts Setup

Download and install TvAnts, using the default installation options.
Now in your start menu open up TvAnts.

1) You will see a menu screen and separately another window with the visual stream.
2) On the menu screen there are general tabs and such, you don’t have to worry about any.
3) Click either one of the tabs titled: Search. Channels. You now have a ton of international channels/feeds available.

Sopcast Setup

Download and install TvAnts, using the default installation options.
Now in your start menu open up Sopcast.

1) Choose Login anonymously.
2) There are three tabs: Home, Channels, MyServer.
3) Choose Channels.
4) The top list of sport channels should have multiple options of Arsenal just before kickoff.

Using the Streams

Streams will be provided just before kick off. Simply click on the link corresponding to the player you’ve got installed and you’re ready to go!

How to Watch Recorded Streams (NsV)

Step 1: Download the following file containing the files nsvdec_x264.dll, x264-531 install.exe and

Mirror 1 | Mirror 2 | Mirror 3 | Mirror 4 | Mirror 5

Step 2: Place the nsvdec_x264.dll codec in your Winamp “Plugins” folder.

Step 3: Run the x264-531-install.exe file.

Step 4: Run the FFDshow file.

Step 5: After you have installed FFDShow, go to your Start menu, highlight “All Programs”, highlight FFDshow, and click on VFW codec configuration. Once the screen appears, click on “Decoder”. Then, go down to where it says H.264, right click on H.264, and then click on “Set all stable formats to libavcodec”. Click on “Apply”, then “OK”.


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  1. thnx!!!!! oh god thank so much!!!! ^^ its the only site on internet where i find this thank very very much 😀

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